Webair has announced a new partnership with global managed security services provider Oxford Solutions to enhance cybersecurity and deploy a 24/7 SOC within its NY1 data center facility. With Gartner predicting 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to an inability to manage digital risk by 2020, the partnership provides customers with unique, enhanced security offerings delivered directly, securely and in real-time without ever leaving the facility.

In order to address the mounting cybersecurity threat, Webair is among the few data center providers in the U.S. to partner with a best-in-breed, third-party provider of managed security services (MSS). By directly connecting to on-premise networks, Webair’s managed infrastructure customers can enjoy 24/7 network monitoring and cybersecurity solutions embedded on-premise via direct, secure physical connectivity, not delivered over the internet.

The partnership also enables NY1 customers to easily access a powerful analysis engine, adept at high-performance network monitoring, protocol analysis and real-time threat information, powered by Oxford Solutions, in addition to its managed security services. These include multi-layer DDoS monitoring and mitigation, and managed firewalls. Oxford also monitors Webair’s own network and cloud infrastructure.

Customers who choose to use these offerings are protected by a hypervigilant team of skilled cyber analysts dedicated to real-time identification and investigation of unique threats, alongside immediate access to a cybersecurity threat intelligence helpdesk. Customers can also access additional managed security offerings, including Oxford’s Aegis Platform, signature-based intrusion threat detection at Gigabit speeds, data analytics to detect anomalous activity, and actionable intelligence tailored to customers’ businesses and systems.

“At Oxford Solutions, it is our mission to bring enterprise-grade cybersecurity and proactive intelligence to businesses of all sizes to reduce the risk and impact of security breaches and cyber-attacks,” says Aidan Kehoe, co-founder and CEO of Oxford Solutions. “We are very excited to partner with Webair to provide our next-level services within their NY1 facility, delivering to customers an additional layer of protection for their most sensitive data.”