International Data Corporation (IDC) has recognized Romonet as one of only three innovative companies under $100 million in the data center facility industry.

Romonet was joined by OptiCool and Vigilent in this select list.

"Running an agile IT environment requires an equally agile physical facility that is prepared to accommodate demanding and fluctuating IT loads. Technologies that improve the ability to manage the physical environment are essential, especially as data center resources become more distributed to support digital transformation and IoT initiatives," said Jennifer Cooke, research director, Datacenter Trends & Strategies at IDC.

“This is deserved recognition for the influence Romonet has had in a rapidly evolving data center market,” explained Zahl Limbuwala, Romonet’s co-founder and CEO. “Accurate predictability has become fundamental to fast growing cloud and colocation services providers, as well as enterprises looking to consolidate and adopt a hybrid approach. With our tools available, it’s hard to understand why companies would take such large financial, environmental and operational risks without using our data center lifecycle analytics to validate their decisions.”

In 2016, Romonet continued its growth within the large cloud and colocation providers, and expanded its enterprise customers. With new partnership, product and certification program announcements due early in 2017, the company is expecting another strong year.

The report, IDC Innovators: Smarter Datacenter Infrastructure to Support Dynamic and Agile IT (IDC #US42059116), profiles vendors within the area of smarter data center infrastructure with an innovative technology or a groundbreaking new business model or both. The IDC Innovators research document examines smarter data center companies with revenue of less than $100 million with a product, service, or business model with a specific use case.