Windstream and Coriant have announced that Windstream has selected the Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Platform to support delivery of 100G Data Center Interconnect (DCI) services in the New York City metropolitan area. The open, disaggregated networking solution enables Windstream to cost-effectively meet the high-capacity connectivity demands of its wholesale and enterprise customers, including the world’s leading cloud and data center providers.

Windstream selected the Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Platform for its industry-leading density and power efficiency, as well as an innovative modular design that enables the lowest initial costs, reduced equipment sparing costs, programmability, and cost-effective scalability. The New York metro Groove deployment leverages dense 100G client side interfaces for cost-efficient service creation and power-efficient 200G line side coherent optical transmission powered by Coriant CloudWave™ Optics. To simplify service provisioning and efficiently manage DCI traffic, Windstream will rely on the Coriant® Transport Network Management System (TNMS).

"Rising traffic volumes and dynamic workloads between data centers in major metro markets like New York City are rapidly redefining performance criteria for 100G connectivity,” said Jeff Brown, director of wholesale marketing for Windstream. “Windstream continues to demonstrate compelling differentiation in our highly available transport solutions by tapping into cutting-edge innovations in high-speed optics, and with the introduction of Coriant’s Groove G30 DCI Platform, the efficiency and scalability of our 100G service is made available to an even broader base of wholesale and enterprise customers, including a recent deployment of ten 100G Waves for a major, worldwide content provider. The cost-effective Groove G30 DCI Platform, with its simple and rapid installation process, offers our customers tremendous benefits, augmenting their own infrastructures to support surging demand for bandwidth.”

The Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Platform is purpose-built to deliver programmable, high speed, and secure bandwidth that today’s cloud applications require, with ultra-low power consumption, high density, and flexibility for high-performance data center connectivity at the lowest total cost. The stackable solution supports 3.2 terabits of capacity throughput in a compact and highly pluggable 1RU form factor, and enables service providers and cloud and data center operators to build their own scalable and secure DCI transmission and optical line solutions with best-in-class functions, all enabled through open APIs.  The solution supports programmable DWDM line interface to optimize the bandwidth and performance of high-capacity transmission from 100G to 400G in metro, regional, or long-haul DCI applications.

“One of the key advantages of the Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Solution is its open and highly flexible system architecture,” said Tarcisio Ribeiro, executive vice president and chief commercial and marketing officer for Coriant. “Seamless interworking with a third-party optical line system in this metro 100G deployment enabled Windstream to achieve the superior transmission benefits of the Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Platform while accelerating time-to-revenue with operational simplicity and open interfaces.”

Coriant recently expanded the Groove solution with the introduction of an open, plug-and-play optical layer that delivers 3X the density over comparable solutions and unmatched configuration flexibility, including support for both coherent and direct detect optical layer applications.