Advanced Filtration Concepts introduces the EFS Reverse Rigid Pocket Filter (RRPF). The EFS Reverse Rigid Pocket Filter (RRPF) is constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities, and turbulence and is excellent for use in areas where space is at a premium. Designed for use with final filters where space is limited, the EFS RRPF increases filter efficiency and greatly lengthens the life of the final filter when used in lieu of standard pleats.

Engineered for double use the EFS Reverse Rigid Pocket Filter works as both a moisture coalescer and particulate filter. The RRPF coalesces moisture upstream of the final/static filter. The filter element is free of metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion and punctures and the polyurethane header ensures a leak-proof bonding of pockets to header.

Available in G4 and F5 efficiencies, the EFS RRPF is comprised of 100% synthetic, progressively structured media for high dust holding capacity, long filter life and lower pressure drop over time.