Certicable, Inc. announces that its revolutionary patented TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ is the lightest, strongest and most flexible fiber cable solution on the market. With an Outer Diameter (OD) that is approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than typical Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) cables. TiniFiber offers installers, system integrators, operators, and managers of facilities as well as data centers with a solution that lowers costs, saves time and labor during installation and maintenance.

TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber optic cable features a steel coiled tubular armor design with Kevlar® for enhanced ruggedness. It has added tensile strength, unparalleled durability, and is crush and rodent resistance for indoor and outdoor usage. TiniFiber’s superior protection of the fiber optic glass reduces maintenance and downtime caused by fiber optics cables cracking, bending and pinching of the glass.

By having the industry’s smallest OD armor and excellent flexibility, TiniFiber simplifies routing and installation, especially in challenging environments such as conduits, support systems and data cabinets with space constraints. The smaller size of TiniFiber also lowers logistics expenses, as it can be shipped via UPS, as well as picked and packed in a warehouse at a fraction of the cost of AIA.