CyrusOne has announced an agreement with Data Canopy, a custom-fit managed solutions firm, resulting in a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for a $2 billion national insurance client. CyrusOne and Data Canopy collaborated to create a flexible data center space design to accommodate the client’s future growth and provide a resilient and scalable power network.

“Customers like Data Canopy appreciate that we can quickly build out data center space according to their specific needs, and they embrace the flexibility that leasing provides, rather than owning facilities and infrastructure they may not use or need in the future,” said Fred Holloway, vice president, CyrusOne’s Partner Ecosystem. “Due to this flexibility, our partnership with Data Canopy worked seamlessly, and we delivered a solution on time and on budget, despite logistical challenges posed by their client. We are honored to work with Data Canopy and view this as a long-term relationship.”

“With CyrusOne, we were able to specify exactly what our client needed to remain compliant, operational and secure within its optimized IT footprint. CyrusOne delivered a stable and highly reliable architecture that was flexible and scalable enough to meet our client’s needs,” said Jennifer Herson, president, Data Canopy. “When considering new locations for the client’s disaster recovery services, we focused on Texas, as it is an established data center market and has a strong fiber network. CyrusOne connects 10 GB of bandwidth from a disaster recovery center in Austin back to our facility in Virginia. We also have the scalability to upgrade from standard power currently to a higher power density later on.”

As a result of the flexible and dense design, Data Canopy was able to scale down power needs considerably, reducing overall costs. The insurer has a 100% uptime service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure zero interruption for its environment and its employees who work around the clock from 48 states.