Colo Atl has announced that Massive Networks, a provider of enterprise class data transport solutions across the entire U.S. domestic carrier ecosystem and to 181 countries worldwide, has established a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Colo Atl’s downtown Atlanta facility. The company selected Colo Atl for its strategic location and outstanding reputation for reliability, flexibility and premium customer service. Colo Atl provides Massive Networks with critical access to a roster of more than 90 network operators and service providers, with no monthly recurring cross connect fees inside the Colo Atl MMA.

“Colo Atl provides an extremely tactical location for Massive Networks to provide services throughout the southern US,” states Massive Networks CEO/CTO, Paul Mako. “The difference between Colo Atl and its competitors was the fact that they were flexible and dedicated to meeting our specific needs. We’re bringing a new concept in network management to the southern US and the heavy concentration of network providers in the Colo Atl facility provides Massive Networks with immediate access to an additional 500,000 fiber lit buildings.”

The colocation deal with Colo Atl enables Massive Networks to provide a new class of managed networking solutions through Layer 2 circuits in addition to transitional Layer 3 connections, across the southeast. Massive Networks features its One Pipe Multi-Connect solution that allows individual companies, as well as vendors, to combine multiple services through a single pipe creating greater cost-efficiency while improving network performance and security.

“I’m pleased to welcome Massive Networks to the Colo Atl tenant roster,” adds Tim Kiser, owner and founder of Colo Atl. “Massive Networks brings a valuable service and innovative spirit to the Colo Atl tenant roster. I’m thrilled to provide a strategic base from them to expand their reach and offer the products and services that are driving businesses today.”

Founded in November 2001, Colo Atl provides a reasonable, accommodating and cost-effective interconnection environment for more than 90 local, regional and global network operators. In 2016, the company is celebrating its 15-year anniversary of providing service excellence and growth.

In 2016, Tim Kiser and Colo Atl were nominated for the Atlanta Telecom Professionals Technology Service Provider Award. Colo Atl was the winner of the 2016 TMT Award for Best Colocation & Data Center – Georgia.