Starline has introduced 1200 amp Starline Track Busway. The latest addition to Starline’s line of Track Busway options, the 1200 amp delivers even more power, without losing any of the flexibility that Starline customers have come to rely on.

“We are excited to introduce this newest design of our Starline Track Busway,” said Mark Swift, director of marketing at Universal Electric Corporation. “With continued innovation as one of the main goals of our organization, we strive to develop and release new products that meet the increasing power density requirements of our customers.”

The 1200T5 Starline Track Busway product has a very similar look and feel to other Starline busway offerings. It uses the same patented u-shaped busbar design that creates constant tension and ensures the most reliable connection to power. Best of all, the same plug-in units can be used for all systems in the T5 series—from the 250 amp to the new 1200 amp. The simple turn and lock insertion of plug-in units combined with the busways continuous access slot provide endless flexibility for how end users need to lay out their operations.

David Grafton, director of engineering for Universal Electric Corporation stated “During the design process, our main goal was to maintain the same plug-in unit compatibility and flexibility across all T5 busway systems, which we successfully accomplished with this busbar design.”

The 1200 amp is available with copper/aluminum conductors and an optional ground conductor. The outer aluminum housing incorporates four data channels that are compatible with Starline’s latest cable routing and management accessories. Additional accessories meant for the busway opening are also available; including access panels, restricted access points and optional closure strip.

1200 amp Starline Track Busway is the latest product release in a long list of future innovations for the Starline suite of products. The intention behind its release is to better support those mission critical and industrial customers who would appreciate the flexible, customizable benefits of Starline Track Busway, but with more power.