Nlyte Software has announced new enhancements to Nlyte 8. The new Nlyte 8.1 version is specifically engineered to support mission-critical facilities with improved energy/environmental monitoring capabilities and tighter integration with critical data center workflows.  

The company continues to be the leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) as it raises the functionality bar by expanding the Nlyte platform to support changing IT environments, challenging power and cooling optimization tasks, as well as facility maintenance needs. Nlyte 8.1 also hardens the best of Nlyte Energy Optimizer (formerly Fieldview) to ensure military-grade security (VeraCode-certified) and the most flexible, user-defined DCIM workflow to the market.  Nlyte 8.1 enhancements include:

  • Busmains & Tapoffs: Provides real-time power chain status and architectural view from the devices feeding the busmain — down to each connected tapoff — as well as cabinets, strips, and assets.

  • Virtual PDU: Removes the difficult and costly process of tracking power through expensive physical power strips.

  • NEO-Nlyte Alarm Workflow: Integrates alarms originating and tracked in NEO into a full workflow process — including full ITSM integration.

“With Nlyte 8.1, our customers now have improved capabilities to more accurately and securely track their power chain and workflow in the data center,” said Robert Neave, CTO and co-founder of Nlyte Software. “These new capabilities will enable organizations to more easily increase the efficiency of their data center operations.”