FNT Software has announced a new business alliance with ABB.

Decathlon for Data Centers, based on the ABB System 800xA process control platform, is ABB’s industrial data center solution for monitoring, managing and controlling enterprise, co-location and cloud data centers. It collects data from IT, power, cooling and building systems, and its open environment integrates data center toolsets faster, including uploading assets into tracking tools. Decathlon provides the visibility, decision support and automation technologies on an open platform supporting secure, bi-directional communications with mechanical, electrical and IT systems. Data is routed through the system in real-time to application modules that enable the user to comprehensively manage and optimize the 3 Cs:  cost, capacity and control.

With FNT’s 2D and 3D white space floor planning tool FNT Command, the visualization of the inventory and operations at enterprise-, facility-, data hall-, rack-, and system-levels can be easily done in order to identify white space utilization (WSU) and rack space utilization (RSU) to track improvements.

The integration of these two DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) products — ABB Decathlon for Data Centers and FNT Command — creates one comprehensive data center management solution. Customers can now reduce time spent locating assets and enable their IT and facilities staff to collaborate to the highest degree possible. The shared data set supports capacity planning and improves space utilization to defer CAPEX (capital expenditures). Having the systems pre-integrated means that customers can deploy the combined solution with minimal effort, making them more productive more quickly. Additionally, FNT’s workflow tools to support moves-adds-changes functionality for more efficient data center operations complement ABB’s secure real-time power and environmental monitoring and alarming, ensuring up-to-the-second data is always in the hands of those who need it.

“Our customers will benefit from the joint, integrated solutions which pave the way to the industrial data center of the future,” says Nikolaus Albrecht, CEO of FNT. “FNT and ABB are leaders in their sectors. We are looking forward to working together with ABB on joint projects and to developing new ideas. Driven by the innovative strength and global footprint of our two companies, we are well positioned to boost innovation and success for our customers around the globe.”

"FNT software combined with ABB Decathlon for Data Centers will give our customers an advanced, seamless DCIM solution for their data center management, providing them a comprehensive view of their data center operations and enabling them to boost their agility and productivity." said Ilpo Ruohonen, managing director of ABB's Control Technologies business unit. "This offering strengthens our portfolio for this rapidly growing industry segment."

With this cooperation, customers can rely on ABB’s extensive experience and technology leadership in power and automation technologies combined with the innovative solutions of the owner-run company FNT.