Saft’s Intensium® Flex Li-ion battery solution is designed to support a data center application. The innovative Saft Li-ion battery system has been installed in the data center at a major U.S. Financial Services Company headquarters in North Carolina.

Saft and MCS have specified the Intensium® Flex system to enable the Eaton UPS to maintain continuity of power for the data center’s critical systems for up to 15 minutes should there be an interruption to the main power supply.

Saft has developed the Intensium® Flex concept to suit the various power and energy requirements of a wide range of backup applications for centralized distributed power and data centers, and demanding UPS applications. The main customer benefit of Intensium® Flex is that it offers reduced maintenance costs combined with a small installation footprint and optimized TCO (total cost of ownership).

The Intensium® Flex system deployed for this major US Financial Services Company located in the Southeast is rated at 416 V and can deliver 50 kVA of power for up to 15 minutes with recharging in just 2 hours. It comprises a string of 9 Synerion 46Mfe battery modules integrated within a cabinet that also contains the BMM (Battery Management Module) and DC panel incorporating the Modbus TCP communication. The battery is interfaced to an Eaton UPS. The Synerion modules are based on Saft’s Li-ion Super-Iron Phosphate® (SLFP) chemistry that ensures increased safety, light weight and compact size, high efficiency, long calendar and cycling life, fast-charging capability and high power output — both continuous and in pulses.

In the application the Intensium® Flex will have an expected lifetime of 20 years. On this basis the reduced maintenance and battery replacement costs compared with lead-acid batteries will deliver savings of tens of thousands of dollars.