Mission Critical is pleased to announce that Daryl Hoeslcher of Digital Realty has been named Mission Critical Magazine’s 2016 Facility Manager of the Year. Read about his accomplishments on page 70 and visit www.missioncriticalmagazine.com for more coverage.

As mentioned, the November/December issue focuses on data center cabling and we have two articles that cover this topic. David Brender of the Copper Development Association writes about the use of copper in a Boston data center’s electrical grounding system and Steffen Koehler, Jim Wynia, and Paul Kolesar write on emerging multimode fiber technologies in an article on behalf of the TIA’s Fiber Optics Technology Consortium and the SWDM Alliance.

But that is not all. The November/December issue also focuses on TCO and data center financials and Eric Freeman of the Summit Funding Group gives tips on how to upgrade your data center without breaking the bank. In addition, John Hoke and Chris Cantor of Shapiro & Duncan share the story of the successful mechanical systems buildout in an enterprise-class data center and Jay Hendrix of Siemens writes about cooling considerations in light of shifting IT loads. And finally, we focus on data center power. Kip Larson of Littelfuse writes on the danger of arc flash and Walter Leclerc of Digital Realty writes about electrical safety regulations in data centers.

We also have a full slate of columnists, including Julius Neudorfer, Terry L. Rodgers, Paul Schlattman, Bruce Myatt, and Chris Crosby, and guest columnist Robert McClary of FORTRUST, who writes on the challenges of running a data center business. In addition Mission Critical Magazine has a new Security Perspectives columnist. Destiny Bertucci, head geek at Solarwinds, joins the lineup with a column on looking forward to 2017.

This issue is a fitting sendoff to 2016 and we are glad that you have joined us.