NYI and PTS Consulting (PTS) have joined forces to deliver an industry-leading, private multi-cloud hosting environment. This environment allows global financial and professional services companies to achieve levels of security and cyber threat protection, flexibility, as well as transparency and economics, previously unattainable from more traditional hosting solutions. PTS' private cloud offers hosting and support services, principally powered by NYI cloud nodes located in Bridgewater, NJ and Chicago. This partnership also enables the immediate ability to provide such hosting services in other major US metropolitan and overseas markets. 

PTS' private cloud utilizes the unique cloud infrastructure within NYI's data centers to ensure reliable infrastructure support. For financial services clients, the uniquely configured private hosting environment provides a secure and compliant cloud offering that meets the industry's heavily regulated and rigorous compliance standards. Moreover, by leveraging a distinctive level of combined industry expertise to deliver a software defined, secure and agile solution, the PTS and NYI offering delivers an unparalleled level of operational transparency and management control to clients seeking the highest returns on their IT investments.

"PTS selected NYI as its data center and customized infrastructure partner due to its unmatched flexibility in accommodating the highly-specific security and functionality requirements that we needed to be able to offer the highest level of hosting services to our clients," states Patrick Mullevey, head of Americas Managed Services for PTS Consulting. "Further, through NYI's infrastructure, PTS is able to offer its hosting and support services broadly across the US and Europe, as well as Asia via an extension currently in process."

"PTS recognized the unique nature of the NYI platform when choosing us to be their partner in structuring its distinctive managed services offering," adds Phil Koblence, co-founder and chief operating officer of NYI. "With NYI's extreme focus on security, scalability, flexibility and adherence to the highest level of identified industry compliance requirements, we are confident that PTS' clients will enjoy the maximum level of secure, uptime performance validated through our 20-year track record."