Server Farm has announced it has signed a material two megawatts (MW) multi-year lease in Chicago. The decision was made based on Server Farm's excellent location, fiber rich environment, and redundant power offering. The facility at 840 South Canal Street has four diverse feeds delivered from four separate substations, which supply up to 36 MW of power, making it one of the most connected and desirable locations in Chicago.

"This customer has a high demand for critical power in Chicago that we were able to meet," said Tim Doherty, COO of Server Farm. "Our location in the core business district of Chicago, dense fiber rich environment, and excellent source of redundant power lead to another long-term client choosing 840 South Canal as their main point of presence in this highly desirable location."

"Server Farm has long been investing in the Chicago market to create a fiber-rich eco-system that attracts customers with our diverse and redundant connectivity," stated Steve Manos, CBO of Server Farm. "As an organization that values partnership and community, we find the Chicago data center development environment has been a perfect location for us and we're pleased to be co-hosting a holiday event with our new partner next month in Chicago."