Epsilon was selected by ColocationGuard Enterprise Solutions, LLC (ColoGuard), one of New York’s leading colocation providers, to deliver on demand cloud access to local, regional and global connectivity. ColoGuard will offer its tenants the ability to connect directly to world-leading cloud service providers and other U.S., European, and Asia Pacific locations utilizing Epsilon’s connectivity platform.

ColocationGuard will leverage Epsilon’s Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX), global interconnection services and intelligent networks as part of the partnership, giving its customers instant access to global infrastructure from a single provider and enabling them to rapidly deploy services in both the US and around the world. Epsilon provides a comprehensive connectivity platform that gives its clients agile network services that are ready to be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed.

“On demand networking is the foundation for enterprise IT and cloud-based applications and services. Enterprises want to rapidly roll out apps and services and be able to immediately adjust and change their networks to meet new demand. Speed is the key and it is a real differentiator in today’s market,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon. “This partnership enables ColoGuard to build its brand and offer its customers immediate access to global networking. It can offer a full suite of Cloud Enablement solutions while serving more of its customers’ needs.”

ColoGuard is the operator of Brooklyn’s only data center and carrier-neutral hotel for all major fibre providers, with colocation space residing in both Brooklyn and Northern New Jersey. Its tenants are a combination of corporate clients, non-profit and government organizations, system integrators and service providers. Epsilon has installed full network access at ColoGuard’s facilities, providing its tenants with real-time access to Epsilon’s global on net and off net Points of Presence, including multiple sites across the New York metro area.

“This new partnership with Epsilon allows us to enter the global networking market quickly and differentiate our services with the addition of on demand connectivity,” said Ray Sidler, Founder and CEO of ColocationGuard Enterprise Solutions. “Our customers will benefit from robust connectivity that can scale and grow with their businesses, along with Cloud and other next-gen services. I look forward to seeing this partnership move ColoGuard into the next phase of international connectivity for businesses of all sizes.”