PROFUSION from Chillman is a micro modular data center that replicates the cooling, power, and security capabilities of a traditional data center, but on a much smaller scale.

PROFUSION is a self-contained, precision-cooled, high-density, plug-and-play-ready server cabinet with integrated redundant cooling system (2N, N+1 and N configuration options) that provides accurate and intelligent cooling technology that makes the facilities no longer the problem of IT managers and data center operators. Cooling system consists of a pair of hot-swappable and redundant cooling modules that are located at the bottom or the top of the cabinet. Using highly sensitive sensors right at the intake of the IT equipment at different height levels, the cooling system automatically adjusts to the load to provide proper cooling for variable densities up to 30kW with 2N redundancy.

The PROFUSION has two totally distinct and isolated compartments: the IT compartment and the Facilities compartment. Maintenance or operational routines in one compartment do not hamper or interrupt the other. All mechanical access and pipe work are safely done 7 Us below the isolation point of IT and Facilities and mechanical service personnel have no access to the IT compartment. Likewise IT personnel cannot access mechanical service compartment without proper security clearances and tools. This makes it possible to position possibilities of mechanical rooms and computing rooms in one unit with throughput of up to 30KW of load in 2N configuration all in less than 10sqf/1sqm.