Colo Atl has announced that BalsamWest, a network infrastructure provider operating throughout the Appalachians, has established a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Colo Atl’s downtown Atlanta facility. The company selected Colo Atl for its convenient location and outstanding reputation for reliability, flexibility and premium customer service. Colo Atl also provides BalsamWest with critical access to a roster of more than 90 network operators and service providers, with no monthly recurring cross connect fees inside the Colo Atl MMA.

“We can call on the Colo Atl team for ‘hands on’ support if needed and essentially eliminate the need for a BalsamWest engineer to travel from western North Carolina to Atlanta,” comments Terri McElroy, CEO at BalsamWest. “This is exactly the type of customer support we really can’t get anywhere else — it saves us time and money. Colo Atl offered us the best possible support and no monthly recurring cross connect fees. Colocating in the Colo Atl facility was really a very easy decision for us.”

“I’m pleased to welcome BalsamWest to the Colo Atl tenant roster,” adds Tim Kiser, owner and founder of Colo Atl. “BalsamWest has provided critical communications throughout the Southeast and Appalachian territories serving an often overlooked and underserved rural population for many years. Colo Atl is honored and well equipped to help support BalsamWest in its mission to bring vital communications services and solutions to these markets.”