The September/October issue of Mission Critical has traditionally been the disaster recovery issue and this year is no different. With the explosion of the cloud, many enterprise data centers are moving their data recovery operations to cloud-based recovery solutions. Mike McCollum of Sungard explores this option and more in his guest column starting on page 22. Sungard will also be contributing blog posts on data center recovery on our website at along with the industry’s top thought leaders writing about the latest in data center and mission critical operation.

That brings me to my next topic, IT in the data center and mission critical space. Our cover story by John Hawkins of vXchange is about the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on storage and capacity demand and how IoT will require smarter systems and data center infrastructure tailored to handle the increase. Combining the theme of disaster preparedness and IT is the subject of one of our feature articles from Saar Yoskovitz of Augury who writes about how the importance of protecting functioning servers requires ancillary HVAC equipment to keep center environments running at optimum temperatures. Our final feature this issue is from Steve Carlini of Schneider Electric who shares the story of the recent construction of a truly mission critical facility: a 911 call center whose uninterrupted availability of critical systems is of the utmost importance. In addition we have our regular columnists on board this month, including Julius Neudorfer, Chris Crosby, Terry Rodgers, and Mav Turner bringing you the latest from the mission critical industry.

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Caroline Fritz