CyrusOne has announced it is working with EarthLink to provide connectivity into and between key CyrusOne data centers in Texas. EarthLink will initially provide 100 Gigabit connectivity between data centers in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, with plans to provide additional connectivity to more data centers in the future. The new relationship will provide CyrusOne with additional flexibility, scale, and network resiliency to match the growing needs of its customers in this region.

“We are excited to work with CyrusOne to provide direct access between key data center locations via our unique long-haul fiber routes,” said David Zimmer, EarthLink’s SVP Carrier Services. “By understanding their needs, we are able to provide a customized solution, including diverse routing and large scale bandwidth options. This helps CyrusOne maintain some of the most secure, scalable, and highly flexible data center infrastructure in the industry.”

Josh Snowhorn, VP and GM of Interconnection at CyrusOne, echoed the enthusiasm for the upcoming relationship. “As a provider of mission-critical enterprise data center services for Fortune 1000 organizations, we view the importance of our customers and infrastructure across this part of Texas’ DASH markets through a similar lens as EarthLink,” he said. “We’re proud to work closely with them on this project and look forward to building on our mutual success in years to come.”