Upsite Technologies, Inc. has announced two new additions to its award-winning line of KoldLok® airflow management products: the SplitLok™ Integral Grommet and SplitLok™ Square Grommet. Created to fill the growing need for grommets that can be versatile while providing tight seals in raised floor openings, Upsite’s new products offer an innovative solution to sealing cable cut-outs that can be easily installed in both new and existing data centers.      

Employing the same best-in-class sealing technology as other offerings in the KoldLok® line, SplitLok™ Integral and SplitLok™Square Grommets significantly improve airflow management in raised floor mission critical spaces. This allows owners and operators to decrease operating expenses, reduce bypass airflow, and increase efficiency by optimizing their current cooling infrastructure.

SplitLok™ Integral and SplitLok™ Square Grommets introduce a variety of new elements to the KoldLok® line:

  • An interlocking feature that helps keep grommet halves aligned and sealed, providing a better fit that allows for both ease of installation and removal.
  • Constructed with high-impact materials to provide a stronger frame for longer lifespan.
  • Smooth polished surface with tapered edges that is easier to clean and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Two sizes to accommodate different dimensions of cable cut-outs and satisfy the increasing demand for smaller grommets.
  • Ability to custom label grid locations and cabinet identification through a reusable writable surface.