RF Code has announced that over 125,000 data center racks are now under management with CenterScape, the company’s leading asset management and environmental monitoring solution for the data center. Within these racks are over a million enterprise IT assets and hundreds of thousands of environmental sensors, all being continuously monitored by RF Code’s real-time operational intelligence solution.

“As our technology and software has evolved over the years so has the data center. Companies are looking for more insight into their operations and the equipment in their facilities. Organizations know how other business units are performing and the data center should be no different, especially when downtime and reduced availability is so costly to the business,” said Ed Healy, CEO at RF Code.

RF Code’s subscription pricing has assisted the company in achieving this landmark figure, as more customers choose to lease software and hardware from RF Code on an annual per-rack basis, eliminating additional maintenance costs and providing additional flexibility.

With the launch of CenterScape Cloud earlier this year, RF Code is also able to offer a remote data center monitoring solution for customers that provides the same real-time information as its on-premise service.

“We have seen strong interest in our subscription pricing since its introduction, from both smaller businesses who appreciate the ability to pay with available capital and from large global customers who see the advantages of combining CenterScape Cloud and the subscription pricing for added scalability. By eliminating the expense of purchasing sensors outright, organizations are able to realize savings from RF Code’s solutions from day one,” said Ed Healy.