Nlyte Software has announced that BMC Engage 2016 has invited the global data center management company’s chief marketing officer (CMO), Mark Gaydos, to address data center service management (DCSM) technologies with event attendees. On Wednesday, September 7th, Gaydos will join Frank Butler, senior data center project officer of World Bank to present, “BMC/Nlyte Elevate World Bank's Cloud and Co-Lo Technologies” at the BMC Engage. The event will be held at the IT Innovation Tank in the exhibit hall’s IT Innovation Zone from 11:15 –11:25 a.m. Additionally, Nlyte will be showcasing its products in Booth #300 - September 6-9, at BMC’s Las Vegas event.

Engage brings together the members of the BMC user community to share knowledge, gain skills, and strengthen professional relationships. BMC is a fully licensed reseller of Nlyte software and a member of Nlyte’s Technology Partner Program — making Gaydos well-suited to address event attendees’ concerns regarding data center optimization, service performance, costs, and capacity planning.

“We will leverage our years of BMC-Nlyte partnership experience to convey useful information to help attendees understand their compute capacity requirements at the logical and physical layer, while underscoring proven best practices for data center management and IT service management,” Gaydos said. “We look forward to joining BMC and World Bank for open-ended discussions on these important topics.”

In addition, Gaydos will join other top Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) influencers and panelists on, “The Future of Data Center Management” panel discussion outlining the State of DCIM. The session, part of Data Center World New Orleans, will be held on Monday, September 12, 2016, 2:10-3:10 pm, Room: R206 and moderated by Research Director of IDC's Datacenter Trends & Strategies Group, Jennifer Cooke. Panelists will discuss how organizations can improve management of resources and offer practical, real-world advice on achieving success.