Rosendin Electric has received a 2016 Gold Vision Award from Constructech for developing a process to streamline and standardize field payroll for offices and job sites across the country. The new payroll solution eliminates coding errors, saves administration time on data entry and remediation, and provides project supervisors an extremely accurate picture of labor utilization and requirements, which is a real advantage in competitive bidding.

The Constructech Vision Awards acknowledge the accomplishments of companies that have applied technology in innovative ways to remain competitive in the field of construction. Rosendin Electric won this year’s Gold Vision award for developing Time Entry, a custom application designed to integrate AboutTime mobile resource management software with Oracle’s financial accounting system. The new Time Entry system has allowed Rosendin Electric to standardize payroll processing across all company offices. This system eliminates coding errors, reduces payroll processing time, and provides an accurate daily report of time worked. Said one project manager, “We now have validation in place. The new system enables us to catch errors we have not been able to in the past. We also reprocess fewer corrected paychecks thanks to the new system.”

“Rosendin Electric is continually assessing new technology and strategies that improve efficiency, but every new technology solution has to prove itself cost-effective,” said Diya Peter, operations applications lead for Rosendin Electric. “Our new Time Entry system has already substantially reduced administration time and payroll errors. It has the added benefit of making our field superintendents more efficient and it gives management an accurate picture of worker hours required to increase bidding accuracy. We know that Time Entry has proven a winner for Rosendin Electric and we are delighted that Constructech agrees by granting us a Gold Vision Award.”

Before implementing the new Time Entry system, Excel timesheets were gathered from various regions, imported into a database for validation, and then moved to the Oracle platform for payroll processing. The challenge was that time was being charged to invalid task codes, in turn leading to substantial delays and remediation of paychecks. Regional managers were also spending more time gathering timesheets and checking them for accuracy.

With the new Time Entry system, Rosendin Electric project managers can now use their iPads or handheld devices to track and transmit time from the job site each day, leading to more accurate reporting without task code errors. Time Entry has allowed job superintendents to enter notes about reimbursements, job overrides, and other variables, thus, eliminating time-consuming communication between regional administrators and payroll staff. The new Time Entry also leverages RFID, QR/barcode badges to more accurately track workers time on the job.

This is the third consecutive year that Rosendin Electric has received a Vision Award. The company also received a Gold Constructech Vision Award in the category of Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work in 2015, 2014, 2012, and 2011.