165 Halsey Street, a dedicated 1.2 million sq ft data center/colocation/telecom carrier hotel offering affordable space, power, and interconnection services, announces that it has expanded its colocation business with a new Colocation Room (V) located on the eleventh floor of the data center. Colocation Room V offers an additional 31,000 sq ft of colocation space.

The expansion is a direct result of increased demand for colocation services within the building. Of 165 Halsey Street's five Colocation Rooms, two are 100% occupied, with remaining data center availability in Colocation Rooms III, IV and V. 165 Halsey Street also offers more than 31,300 sq ft of built data center space and 61,500 sq ft of vacant space.

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In addition to the expansion, 165 Halsey Street is offering DC power to its customers for the first time in the building's almost two-decade history. Tenants will benefit from the introduction of DC power within 165 Halsey Street as DC Power continues to be in high demand for telecom companies.

"It's been exciting to watch our colocation business grow since we introduced our first 'Meet Me Room' in 2000," says Joseph Simone, president at Tishman Real Estate Services for 165 Halsey Street. "Recently we've seen an uptick in demand for our colocation services and after considering a variety of options to meet that demand, decided to expand to the eleventh floor of our facility to create Colocation Room V. Colocation Room V is operational and our team is ready to take on new customers at any time."