EPI has released a web-based Data Centre Career Planning Tool or in short the EPI-DCPT. The EPI-DCPT allows organizations and individuals to understand competences required for the various job roles and provides training advice.

According to Edward van Leent, chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies, “We have often come across questions from individuals, data centre managers and data centre human resource (HR) managers on how to structure the data centre organisation, what are the required job roles and what skills, knowledge and competences each of those job roles should have. Because of that, last year EPI released the EPI-DCCF (Data Centre Competence Framework) which is an extensive document put together by veterans in the industry. Besides this, we often get requests asking which courses an individual should take to develop those required knowledge, skills and competences,” van Leent continued, “This has led us to release the EPI-DCPT which is free for anyone to use.”

By using this tool, one can easily scan through the list of job roles typically found in the data centre industry. By selecting their current roles and/or future desired roles, the program will then generate a customised plan for the individual. HR managers can use the EPI-DCPT to quickly develop data centre career plans for their staff.

EPI-DCCF and EPI-DCPT can be applied to any type of data centre environment. The roles are defined individually and can be combined according to the needs or structure of each individual organisation.

The EPI-DCPT is accessible here.