IO has announced that Veolia Water Technologies (VWT), Inc., a division of the world’s largest environmental solutions company, has selected the IO.Ohio data center as the site for its U.S. business disaster recovery operations. VWT is using IO colocation services as part of a strategy to advance sustainability goals by reducing the carbon footprint of its IT operations.

By leveraging IO colocation services, VWT is able to centralize disaster recovery operations in one data center, and improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their data center operations.

“We believe responsibility is a factor in performance — this is in the DNA of our company and every employee,” said Laurent Pulce, CIO, Veolia Water Technologies. “We look at the environmental impact of every decision we make, and in doing so, we aim to be responsible while delivering performance. With IO, we have found a colocation partner who shares as strong a commitment to sustainable technologies and practices as we have.”

In looking for a colocation partner, VWT was attracted to IO’s modular data center technology which it found similar to a cloud model in that customers only consume the data center capacity they require and can easily expand as needs change. Another feature that stood out to VWT was how IO data centers are software enabled and managed, which allows IO to collect and analyze a large volume of data on the data center environment, and make adjustments on the fly to improve performance and efficiency.

“IT is one of the largest consumers of electricity so reducing our company’s carbon footprint falls heavily on our group,” said Brian Gamble, North America IM Coordinator, Veolia Water Technologies. “A typical data center is inherently not efficient or effective in power usage. Our research found that IO does not operate typical data centers. They are the leaders in energy efficiency among colocation providers. Our customers want to see us as an example in reducing carbon footprint and IO allows us to demonstrate we are being environmentally responsible in our data center operations.”

As a next step, VWT is looking to move key business systems to IO colocation services. VWT sees this expanded move to colocation as helping position the company to eventually transition these systems to the cloud. The systems will be located at a third-party data center and accessed through the internet — just like cloud services — but VWT IT will still maintain tight control of these mission-critical systems.

IO.Ohio is a next generation modular data center with the very latest in data center operating system software for easy remote data center management. IO’s modules are exceptionally energy efficient and provide power cost savings of between 20 to 30 percent as compared to traditional raised floor colocation. The data center employs multiple layers of physical security to protect the mission-critical infrastructure in the facility. IO.Ohio is located in Miamisburg, OH, just outside of Dayton.

“VWT is a worldwide leader in sustainable business practices,” said David Mettler, VP sales and market director, US at IO. “We are proud our colocation services have met their rigorous requirements for efficiency and performance. We are committed to helping VWT drive efficient value creation through our data center platform.”