Emerson Network Power has announced the release of the new Liebert® SRC mini-split system, providing the simple, year-round, high efficiency cooling demanded  by customers for edge computing spaces such as network closets and server rooms. The system is available in North America, in capacities from 18,000 Btu (4.5 kW) to 36,000 Btu (9 kW).

The Liebert SRC delivers cooling capacities appropriate for small spaces where precision cooling systems with humidity control are not required. The system also offers industry-best Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).

The new mini-split system will operate with the Emerson iCOMTM CMS monitoring system being released later in 2016. iCOM CMS is an IoT solution that will provide remote monitoring through building management systems and through a unique mobile app, which will provide status, alarms and service workflows. In addition, it allows for remote management, monitoring and setup behind secure company firewalls.

“The Liebert SRC provides simple, high efficiency cooling and addresses small space cooling challenges. Its revolutionary monitoring application will reduce risks in these spaces, through real-time alarming, remote visibility and workflow tracking,” said John Peter (JP) Valiulis, vice president of marketing, thermal management for Emerson Network Power in North America.

Edge IT spaces are gaining in strategic importance among companies. Small Edge IT spaces increasingly contribute to driving revenue in companies, and spending on IT equipment in these spaces has increased over the last two years, according to a recent Emerson Network Power survey of IT and data center managers in North America. Managers responding to the survey reported the top concerns in small IT spaces include insufficient cooling capacity and visibility into the spaces.

For these environments, dedicated cooling is becoming a must-have and real-time insight into room temperatures and cooling system performance is increasingly important. Half of IT and data center managers surveyed said they will likely deploy dedicated cooling systems in network closets and server rooms in the year ahead.