Instor Solutions has announced that it has formally launched its Data Center Fit Up program. Having proven its success over the last 24 months with numerous enterprise data centers and colocation providers such as Digital Realty, Data Center Fit Up demonstrates the speed, efficiency, and financial opportunities available to the data center design/build market beyond the parameters of traditional facility expansion strategies.

The Data Center Fit Up program was developed by Instor to introduce greater continuity, transparency, efficiency, savings, and speed to the process of a new data center build or expansion. With specialized project management tactics and direct manufacturer relationships, Instor’s expert engineers and extensive network directly channel communication and proven solutions to streamline new construction. As a result of this process, miscommunications inherent to working with multiple layers of distributors and subcontractors are avoided, along with inflated costs and the potential for delays that are typically part of the standard data center build-out model. Data Center Fit Up has been proven to reduce build lead times and costs by 20-40% over standard models while delivering faster deployments to some of the industry’s leading enterprise data centers.

Instor has implemented the Data Center Fit Up program in a number of high-profile facilities, including Digital Realty. Additionally, the firm has designed and managed other custom tailored projects in a variety of industries, including: a leading telecom company, a global media corporation, a financial services firm, and a globally recognized software provider, among others.

“Instor has created a unique approach to data center build-outs that not only cuts capital expenditures, but has been proven to significantly accelerate time-to-completion,” said Jack Vonich, vice president of sales and marketing at Instor. “Data Center Fit Up is poised to change how data center owners and operators collaborate with design/build firms on new build outs and facility expansions. Everyone wants things done faster and easier; Data Center Fit Up makes that possible for our corner of the broader industry.”

A time-lapse of Data Center Fit Up in action is available for a project in which Instor was commissioned to build-out 180+ cabinets in less than nine weeks. The job required the procurement and installation of the cabinets, design and installation of structured cabling, mounting rack PDUs, and implementation of hot aisle containment solutions.