Sabey Data Center Properties has announced the completion of a $1 million-dollar antenna superstructure atop Intergate.Manhattan, its 560-foot-tall facility at 375 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan.

The installation has already attracted Brooklyn Fiber, New York’s independent broadband ISP, which will offer point-to-point, antenna-to-antenna Internet connectivity to businesses and residences in Brooklyn. Other signed customers include Windstream and NuVisions.

John Sabey, president, Sabey Data Centers, said, “Our unobstructed, 360-degree vantage point atop 375 Pearl Street is an ideal location for enterprises that require wireless backup connectivity in the event of a fiber communications disruption, and ISPs such as Brooklyn Fiber that offer point-to-point service, as well as wireline connectivity.

“Also, in situations where cable and fiber optic infrastructure is unavailable or impractical to undertake, antenna-to-antenna connectivity from our rooftop is a viable solution.”

Sabey Data Centers is meeting an increasing demand for roof rights and roof access in Manhattan, where 360-degree views are at a premium. The rooftop at 375 Pearl Street offers line-of-sight north to midtown Manhattan; west to the data centers in New Jersey; east to all of Brooklyn; and south to other buildings in the Financial District.

A rooftop point of presence at Intergate.Manhattan also gives tenants immediate access to Sabey’s on-site fiber carriers, obviating the need to deploy additional, costly fiber connectivity. At present, the superstructure at 375 Pearl Street can support upwards of 300 antennas.

“The project is complete and our first customers are installing their equipment now,” Sabey added.