Anord Critical Power, Inc.(ACPI) has announced its UL 891 AMS Switchgear has passed the 30-Cycle short circuit test criteria. The innovative solution’s compartmentalization features go beyond the UL 1558 requirements to offer a more modern and standardize switchgear option.

Due to market interest in the compartmentalized Form 4b Type 7 switchgear, Anord has extended its product range to include short circuit testing to the UL 1558 requirement, in conjunction with referenced standards ANSI C37.20.1 and ANSI C37.51. The UL 891 testing included various busbar sizes and types from 800A to 6000A, covering several configurations at various fault ratings such as 50KA/65KA/85KA/100KA.

Anord tested 1x60cycle (1sec) shot at the KEMA Lab in Chalfont, PA and passed the three phase, 60-Cycle tests. In addition, the referenced standards also require the neutral and ground conductors to be tested separately; the ground was tested for 30 cycles as per the standard. The company performed this as part of a 100KA system only test; all neutral tests and the single ground test passed.

“The 30-Cycle testing goes beyond the standard 3-Cycle test to validate our switchgear goes beyond the UL 1558 requirements to offer a more advanced compartmentalization option to enhance safety,” said John Day, vice president, sales and marketing for Anord Critical Power, Inc.