The Galaxy VX™ is a highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with flexible operating modes for large facilities, data centers, and business-critical applications.

This innovative pay-as-you-grow solution supports enterprises in their move to hyperscale data centers and enables them to reap the greatest value in their IT deployments by delivering efficiency without compromising reliability.

Galaxy VX fully integrates with Schneider Electric energy management solutions and features flexible operating modes to optimize the efficiency of IT environments, including:

  • Double Conversion Mode: Through highly efficient Double Conversion Mode, Galaxy VX reduces switching losses using a four-level conversion technology. The reduced switching stress offers greater reliability and reduction in failure rate.
  • Eco Mode: Galaxy VX offers a traditional economy mode, which delivers up to 99 percent efficiency.
  • ECOnversion Mode: With this new operating mode, Galaxy VX offers a hybrid between Eco Mode and Double Conversion Mode. ECOnversion delivers double conversion performance with up to 99% efficiency.

The newest member of the Galaxy V family of power protection solutions, Galaxy VX seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating data centers, industrial or facilities applications.