Eaton’s RS Enclosure is designed to simplify installation and configuration of vital data center equipment and help data center operators and information technology (IT) professionals organize, protect, and manage critical IT resources. Through its flexible design and customizable mounting options for a broad array of devices, the RS Enclosure streamlines installation time and helps reduce costs while serving as the foundation of a complete data center infrastructure solution.

As more companies shift mission-critical IT systems to virtualized infrastructures, data center professionals face increasing pressure to consolidate resources and lower costs. Eaton’s RS Enclosure meets these challenges by providing flexible configurations across a wide range of environments, from small IT closets to multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs). Specific benefits of the RS Enclosure include:

  • Organize: Tool-less mounting options for multiple Eaton power management devices, cable management solutions and additional IT equipment make it fast and easy for managers to add new equipment or upgrade existing equipment.
  • Protect: Enhanced physical security via a highly secure combination lock helps protect valuable IT resources from both internal and external threats.
  • Manage: Improved cable management using Eaton’s B-Line series Flextray™ cable management increases available enclosure space while improving airflow to lessen the risk of overheating, an increasing concern for industries such as government and healthcare that house sensitive data. In addition, the RS enclosure provides highly efficient airflow management options, making it suitable for hot aisle/cold aisle requirements.

Eaton offers custom RS Enclosure solutions configured for multiple applications, making it easy for channel partners and end users to choose the solution that best fits their needs.