Online Tech has announced that its Indiana and Michigan cloud infrastructure is now running an all-flash, encrypted array based on hardware solutions by Pure Storage. This investment will provide businesses in the Midwest region with an ultra-fast, secure, and scalable enterprise-class local cloud that organizations can trust with their mission-critical applications and manage their growing Big Data needs.

The new flash technology, previously only available to large enterprises, gives Online Tech's cloud hosting clients 80 Gb/s bandwidth and over 400,000 IOPS performance. With encryption built in to the hardware, this storage solution provides the data security that their clients demand with no impact to performance and without the hassle of key management.

"We're thrilled at the new capabilities and security that encrypted flash technology has brought to our cloud infrastructure," said Jason Yaeger, online tech senior director, Solutions Architecture. "This isn't your average cloud using single component hosts that you see at the large public providers. Our architecture protects our clients against hardware component failure, which saves them from having to purchase additional servers and load balance them. You automatically get hardware component failure protection."

Online Tech's cloud architecture is built on the no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure of their enterprise-class data centers. With redundant controllers, switches, routers, generators, UPS, and HVAC systems, all critical equipment is at least N+1 allowing for the reliability of service that few companies can afford to provide.