T5 Data Centers™ has announced plans to break ground on its new T5@Dallas-III data center this summer. The announcement was made following the acquisition of the additional 9.0 acres adjacent to its T5@Dallas data center campus in Plano to accommodate the expansion.

The new building to be constructed on the T5@Dallas data center campus is going to be a 156,600-sq-ft, Tier 3, concurrently maintainable facility. When added to the existing 315,000 sq ft in the T5@Dallas-I facility, the T5 Dallas campus will have 472,000 sq ft of wholesale data center space under roof. A further expansion of 225,000 sq ft is planned on the west side of the phase I building.

T5@Dallas-III will be designed to the same exacting specifications as the existing T5@Dallas data center with customizable N+1 electrical topology and 94,000 sq ft of white space, 10.75 MW of power capacity, and state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical designs. It also will be built to withstand 221 mile-per-hour winds (EF-5 equivalent tornado) and take advantage of the two dedicated substations that currently serve the existing T5@Dallas data center campus. The new T5@Dallas-III facility will have the advantage of substantial service from major telecommunications carriers already servicing T5@Dallas-I with the latest fiber-optic infrastructure.

“We see Dallas, and especially Plano, as a robust and growing area and a great place to do business,” said Aaron Wangenheim, Chief Operating Officer for T5 Data Centers. “We continue to see increasing demand in the Dallas market for premier data center services from discerning companies with unique requirements. Extending our existing T5@Dallas operation allows us to service these companies and take advantage of the operational excellence of our existing campus to deliver superior capabilities at a reduced cost.”

T5 executives see Dallas as a growth market that already is the site for headquarters for a number of Fortune 500 companies, all of which is driving demand for totally customizable, state-of-the-art, wholesale data center suites. In addition to having land available for expansion, the region has reliable, affordable power, a great data infrastructure with high-speed connectivity offered by multiple service providers, as well as attractive tax incentives and a large pool of qualified technical talent. The T5@Dallas-III facility is expected to be ready for tenant occupancy in the spring of 2017.