T5 Data Centers™ has announced that a global enterprise software company has purchased 8.5 acres of the T5@Colorado campus for construction of the first of two Colorado Springs-based data centers. The company broke ground earlier this month for construction of the first of its synchronous pair of data centers. The enterprise software company chose T5@Colorado after an extensive search for a suitable location in the Central US region. The Purchaser noted that T5@Colorado data center campus is ideal because of its location, utility resiliency, and the security offered by a dedicated data center campus with restrictions on use that ensure similar uses nearby.

"Having one of the top 10 technology companies sign as the first occupant of the T5@Colorado campus is a coup for T5@Colorado and offers validation for the data center park location and infrastructure," said Vince Colarelli, T5's Colorado representative. "Now that they have broken ground, we can continue to develop the infrastructure that will be the foundation of future data center success for the T5@Colorado location."

T5@Colorado is a pre-planned, pad-ready data center campus with restrictions that specify land use for data centers only. The 64-acre campus has dual, independent power feeds, expandable to deliver 100 MW of critical electrical capacity. Plans also call for the campus to accommodate up to 15 telecom providers with dual independent routing and low latency. The geographic location was chosen because it offers low risk for both natural and manmade business disruption, and because of regional zoning and economic incentives that promote construction of Tier II, Tier III, or Tier IV single and multi-tenant data centers.