INTERXION HOLDING NV has announced that it is expanding its cloud access platform to four further European markets. Following this expansion, Interxion customers can now interconnect with Microsoft ExpressRoute in Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Brussels. Cloud Connect is already available at Interxion’s data centre campuses in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London.

As organisations look to move more and more applications to the cloud they must overcome the compliance, performance, and reliability issues that potentially come with connecting their hybrid environments over the public Internet. With ExpressRoute organisations can establish private network connections to the suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services. This means they can achieve improved and predictable network performance with SLAs for guaranteed availability.

Interxion interconnects organisations with Microsoft ExpressRoute through its Cloud Connect platform. Cloud Connect provides private, high performance, and cost efficient interconnectivity for Enterprises and IT service providers to their cloud providers of choice. The platform allows managed service providers to execute hybrid IT strategies for their customers and achieve optimal performance on their applications.

Idenet is a specialist in managed hosting, a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the customers using Cloud Connect in Stockholm, Sweden. Cloud Connect has enabled Idenet to build interconnections for its customers to Microsoft Azure via ExpressRoute. Using the multi-tenant feature of Cloud Connect, Idenet can provide a cost efficient solution with high performance and service guarantees.

Per Werngren, CEO of Idenet and Chairman of the International Association of Microsoft Channel, said, “As our customers begin to move their large volumes of non-mission critical workloads to the cloud, it is imperative for them to be able to bypass the public Internet and establish private, managed network connections to the major public clouds. With Cloud Connect, Idenet can simplify interconnection to Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms, and this enables our customers to benefit from the cost savings, flexibility and increased performance of the hybrid cloud.”

“The vast majority of organisations are now taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and opting for hybrid IT solutions. This roll out of Cloud Connect means that all our customers colocated in the Nordics, France and Belgium will have private access with predictable performance to their public cloud infrastructures,” said Interxion’s strategy and marketing director Vincent in’ t Veld. “For managed service providers operating from Interxion it means they can operate scalable, high performance, hybrid solutions for their enterprise customers.”