NYI has announced its New Jersey data center is now recognized by New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) as a New Jersey SmartStart Building. By implementing the latest in innovative energy efficiency technologies at its 999 Frontier Road facility in Bridgewater, NYI qualifies for special program incentives through NJCEP. 

NYI's data centers feature Subzero Engineering's Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) technology, separating the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air. The separation of airflow by the CAC ensures a steady temperature to the intake of the IT equipment and a warmer, drier return air to the AC coil. The use of the technology not only enables NYI to reduce energy use, but it also ensures the optimization of equipment performance within its facilities.

"Based on CFD analysis, Subzero Engineering was able to customize a solution that allowed NYI to maximize their floor space, giving customers greater capacity to fill their server racks with equipment, while not compromising cooling," states Lloyd Mainers, on behalf of Subzero Engineering. "This superior efficiency satisfies the needs of both client and the environmentally responsible Colo provider, New York Internet. We applaud them for a keen-sighted view of reducing their carbon footprint in a high energy industry."

"At NYI we have always gone above and beyond what is required to provide our clients with a cutting-edge environment to house their equipment, and deploying innovative energy efficiency technologies is another way we demonstrate this," states Phil Koblence, chief operating officer of NYI. "Ensuring that the 999 Frontier facility is a New Jersey SmartStart Building not only benefits NYI, but also benefits our customer base by freeing up additional power for IT equipment, extending hardware life and increasing equipment uptime."

"Willdan Energy Solutions assists companies around the country in reducing energy consumption to meet their energy goals," states Tejas Desai, engineer, Willdan Energy Solutions. "Striking a balance between environmental responsibility and economic competition can be daunting. Our team was pleased to assist NYI in finding this balance and increasing the energy efficiency in its New Jersey data center to meet its efficiency goals."