In an effort to increase public awareness of the benefits of proper data center airflow management, Upsite Technologies, Inc. has announced that June is Airflow Management Awareness Month.

The move is aimed to help promote the impressive reductions in energy consumed and corresponding environmental benefits that can occur through proper data center airflow management, which are among the most cost-effective adjustments with the largest rate of return for data centers. The announcement is being made at a critical time in the data center industry, as energy usage by data centers housed in the United States is forecast to increase to about 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020 while producing roughly 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year. [1] The U.S. Government has already taken steps to reduce energy usage in data centers utilized by federal agencies as laid-out in the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), which includes reductions in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) scores, requirements for energy metering, and goals for virtualization.

Over the next four weeks, industry experts will educate the public and those in the data center industry on topics that illustrate how different aspects of airflow management can contribute to highly efficient data centers. The information will be presented via a series of complimentary webinars by a selection of guest speakers, hosted by Lars Strong, P.E., Upsite Technologies senior engineer and company science officer.

  • June 8: 5 Myths of Data Center Containment, presented by Lars Strong, P.E.
  • June 15: How IT Decisions Impact Facilities: The Importance of Mutual Understanding, presented by Ian Seaton and Lars Strong, P.E.
  • June 22: The 4 Delta T's of Airflow Management, presented by Lars Strong, P.E.

“The proper employment of airflow management solutions can have a dramatic and long-lasting effect on data center energy usage,” said Strong. “I look forward to Airflow Management Awareness Month increasing the understanding of advancements made in this field and their economic and environmental benefits.”

Recently, Upsite Technologies’ "4 R's" methodology of airflow management was demonstrated to lower PUE and increase equipment reliability through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling.

Please visit Upsite Technologies to register for the complimentary webinars.