Secure I.T. Engineered Solutions, a Division of Security Engineered Machinery, announces CE Mark Approval for its full line of electronic media destruction equipment including hard drive shredders, e-Media disintegrators and combination HDD/SSD shredders. The approvals open the door for an aggressive sales push in Europe.

“These products have been hugely successful domestically both in the commercial and government sectors,” said Andrew Kelleher, president & CEO. “We are confident that the CE Mark will be a key to achieving similar success in the European Union.”

The CE Mark ensures buyers that the equipment complies with the Essential Health & Safety requirements of all applicable directives.

The products which now bear the CE Mark fall under 3 categories.

SSD (Solid State Device) Shredders are powerful machines that use heavy-duty steel cutters to rip SSDs into particles not wider than 0.375 in. (9.5mm). This small size is necessary to ensure that all of the SSD’s data bearing chips are damaged and destroyed.

E-Media Disintegrators utilize a series of stationary knives and rotating knives spinning at very high speeds to continuously cut media until it is small enough to pass through a waste sizing screen. Users can select screens to produce particles from 1 in. (26mm) down to as small as .08 in. (2mm). Many models are suitable for office environments.

Combination HDD/SSD Shredders feature dual feed chutes and dual cutting chambers to destroy rotational platter based hard drives and solid state hard drives. HDD waste is reduced to particle sizes of 1.5 in. (38mm), 1.0 in. (26mm) or 0.75 in. (19mm). Solid state media is reduced down to particles no wider than 0.375 in. (9.5mm).