RF Code has announced the release of a report by 451 Research, which details the company’s considerable role in the data center technology arena while exploring its growth in the field of data center IoT. 

Titled, “RF Code spins on its axis: more software, more things and more insights,” Andy Lawrence, research vice president for Datacenter Technologies (DCT) & Eco-Efficient IT at 451 Research, discusses RF Code’s leading role in asset management and data center monitoring while examining the impact from the recent launches of its CenterScape and CenterScape Cloud data center IoT solutions, subscription pricing models, and overall role in the growing IoT arena. The report also analyzes the shifting data center monitoring and optimization marketplace and RF Code’s transition toward the development of versatile management and analytics software. Ultimately, this has led to the company’s embracement of a services model to complement its traditional hardware sales model.

Lawrence and Peter Kazmir, RF Code’s senior product manager of Software Solutions, will be hosting a webinar on June 8th at 11:00 AM EST to discuss the report’s findings. Titled “Real-Time Operational Intelligence, Data Center Efficiency, and the Internet of Things,” the webinar will focus on the impact of real-time, wire-free solutions on data center asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring and the ways in which they vastly improve data center management and operational efficiency.

“IoT continues to be a growing force in data centers worldwide,” said Lawrence. “Companies within the industry are still establishing how they can take advantage of this trend. While not without its challenges, RF Code’s strategic transition to software and analytics with a service-based focus could be the model of the future.”

“We are delighted to see both our legacy and newest offerings featured by 451 Research,” said Ed Healy, CEO at RF Code. “While we continue to grow our leadership position within the asset management and monitoring industries, applications within IoT have become too important to ignore. The marketplace has increasingly become data-driven and RF Code’s move toward IoT-based solutions and unique subscription-based options are giving data center owners and operators the advanced tools needed to perform within this new arena.”

To read the full 451 Research report, please visit the website.