Telehouse has announced that it has been selected by Aqua Comms Limited (Aqua Comms), a provider of scalable, subsea capacity-based network solutions, to provide a European hub for its next-generation transatlantic network.

Aqua Comms’ America Europe Connect (AEConnect) subsea fibre optic cable system, connecting New York to London via Dublin and beyond to greater Europe, went live and has been handing over commercial service to customers since January of this year. Featuring more than 52 Tbps of available capacity, as well as the latest technology of 130 x 100 Gbps per fibre pair, it is designed to meet the exponential surge in bandwidth demand from carriers, global data centres, financial services companies, global media, and cloud and content providers that require exceptional network reliability, scalability and performance. Aqua Comms is the latest network provider to join Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect, which comprises more than 750 carriers, mobile providers, Internet exchanges, and broadband providers.

There are multiple diverse routes from the Telehouse London Docklands campus across EMEA and the decision by Aqua Comms further strengthens connectivity to New York. With Telehouse at the epicentre, it is the ideal location for companies reliant on diverse connectivity to extend their reach, accelerate performance, and host their mission-critical IT infrastructure.

“Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect, located at Europe’s leading connectivity hub, empowers our customers to connect with an unlimited number of business partners whose services align with their strategic objectives,” states Greg Varisco, chief operations officer, Aqua Comms. “In addition to further enabling reliable, secure, and low latency global connections for our customers, this partnership provides Aqua Comms with a host of business opportunities on either side of the Atlantic as well as at Telehouse North Two, Europe’s most advanced data centre.”

Michelle Reid, sales and marketing director of Telehouse, states, “We are delighted to welcome Aqua Comms to Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect; with so many possible partners to connect to Telehouse, we are certain they will see great success with their new network, and we will be there to support their future growth with our latest data centre, Telehouse North Two.”

Telehouse Carrier-Interconnect is just one aspect of Telehouse Interconnect, which brings together more than 3,000 business partners such as cloud, mobile and content providers, enterprises and financial services companies. With Enhanced Connect, the new Internet optimisation service launched recently by Telehouse, businesses can access the Telehouse Interconnect from the remotest points of the planet in less than 300ms. This firmly establishes the Telehouse Interconnect as the home of the connected world, and a unique place to create business opportunities, now and in the future.