November 18, 2015  

Driving a Data Center: Why DCIM Is a Key Factor for Productivity

Emerson Network Power blog

Emerson Network Power blog

Imagine you own a car that has no instrumentation. No speedometer, no gauges for fuel, oil temperature, and not even an odometer.  What about the warning lights that flash on momentarily when you start the engine?  Imagine if you didn’t have those dash lights for brake or engine warning or faulty airbag or coolant warning.  What about those indicators that assist maintenance including oil, coolant, tire pressure, even battery charge?


November 15, 2015

Reducing PUE to meet Singapore’s New Data Center Guidelines

Schneider Electric Data Center blog

Author: Mohita Hattangady

Ever increasing operational costs in the data center are forcing many to consider how electricity is the top contributing factor. This, along with new Green Data Center standards in Singapore, calls for an assessment of the data center to understand its power usage effectiveness (PUE).


November 16, 2015 

Another 7x24 Exchange - Great People and Content

Green (Low Carbon) Data Center Blog

Author: Dave Ohara

I am back at 7x24 Exchange and trying out a switch to iOS only devices. I am using iPad Pro with a Logitech Create keyboard. The conference has just started officially.

Well for me it started at 4 pm when I walked in the lobby and started with people. Great people. Many were presenting and reminded me of the ideas they are discussing. Attendance is over 700 and the conference carries on in its relevance in the industry.



Dell Expands Networking Portfolio for Campus, Data Center



RT @ine: CCIE Data Center v2.0 Blueprint Announced


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November 19, 2015

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