January 20, 2016  

Tackling the Challenge of Industry Benchmarks

Emerson Network Power blog

Author: Dan Draper

For the past several years, Emerson Network Power has been evangelizing the value of collecting and analyzing the incredible amounts of data created by data center systems to improve the performance of those individual systems and the entire data center. We’ve even partnered with other major technology providers, including Dell, IBM, Intel, and HP, on the development of an open specification to facilitate out-of-band communication across systems.


January 14, 2016

Save Lives, Prevent Equipment Failures, and Gain Insights at the Edge

Intel: The Data Center Stack

Author: Tim Allen

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies from Intel and SAP enable innovative solutions far from the data center

Can a supervisor on an oil rig know immediately when critical equipment fails? Can a retail store manager provide customers with an up-to-date, customized experience without waiting for back-end analysis from the parent company’s data center? A few years ago, the answer would have been a clear “no.” But today, real-time, actionable data at the edge is a reality.


January 11, 2016 

Are You Really that Special? Managing Uniqueness in the Data Center

Schneider Electric blog

Author: Lori Castle

Enter into a conversation with almost any data center manager and you will probably hear the word “different” at some point. They will say, with conviction, that their data center is unique. While this is accurate, every data center is also the same.

How can both these things be true?


January 07, 2016

Managed Service Providers? Look Before You Leap

Century Link blog

Author: Brian Mistretta

There’s an Aesop’s fable I like about a fox stuck in a well. After gently persuading a friendly goat to jump down and help, the sly fox double-crosses the animal — trapping him below. That’s the real origin of the phrase, “Look Before You Leap” — being prepared before making difficult decisions. For anyone exploring the evolving hybrid IT and cloud space, one thing is clear: There are indeed pitfalls to avoid before implementing an IT strategy, and customers must step carefully.


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January 15, 2016

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