ABB Inc. and TSO Logic have announced a new business alliance that will provide their joint clients with an in-depth view of data center facility infrastructure along with the physical and virtual compute that is running inside. The combined solution delivers critical insight necessary to better manage cloud infrastructure, such as interfacing with cloud delivery platforms, for improved capacity planning and deeper efficiency gains across the data center.

As the data center modernizes, the line of segmentation between compute, cloud and facility infrastructure has begun to dissolve. Professionals both inside and outside of data center operations are realizing that a holistic view of the data center is required to serve their business in the most cost effective manner, while also maintaining the strict levels of service agreements. The alliance between ABB and TSO Logic will assimilate real-time or near real-time data from across the various silos of data center operations to provide unparalleled efficiency gains with compute, cloud and facility infrastructure.  

 “For years the industry has been looking at the data center whitespace separately from the physical infrastructure that supports it,” explained Rich Ungar, ABB’s North America business manager for data center automation. “On top of that, cloud analytics have only recently entered the picture at all. With the TSO Logic platform, we now have combined analytics about what the physical and virtual infrastructure is doing. By using our two platforms we are providing an unprecedented level of insight and automation enabling more agile and efficient data center operations,” he added.

With the combined goal of delivering the most reliable, efficient and sustainable data center operations, ABB and TSO Logic can identify and resolve issues before they become bigger, costlier problems. For example, ABB Decathlon for Data Centers can identify critical events within a specific zone of the data center, such as a power threshold breech or hot spot. By layering this data with TSO Logic’s actionable analytics platform, it can quickly identify the applications and compute running inside that specific zone, along with proactive recommendations or automated processes to migrate workloads to a safer location. The key benefit with this partnership is bridging the gaps between what’s happening in the physical data center and connecting it with the applications and IT running inside.  

“Successfully delivering a reliable and efficient data center requires detailed analytics on how the facility and compute work together. You can’t just have a physical view, and you can’t just have an application view”, said Aaron Rallo, chief executive officer at TSO Logic. “With our partnership with ABB, customers can now quickly capture and analyze tens of thousands of data points from across the entire data center. With this robust view, the operation of data centers will be closely aligned with the applications and workloads that the facilities are ultimately designed to support,” Rallo added.