Eaton has announced the launch of its Power Xpert™ 9395 high performance uninterruptible power system (UPS) with new 200-600 kilowatts (kW)/kilovolt-amperes (kVA) models in North America, providing industry-leading efficiency and advanced capabilities to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) in small- to mid-sized data centers. The new 200-600 kW/kVA models complete Eaton’s innovative Power Xpert 9395 UPS portfolio, offering end users a scalable platform engineered to meet increasing power requirements and maintain uptime of their critical systems.

Eaton’s latest additions to the 9395 product line help data center and information technology (IT) managers lower operating costs through industry-leading efficiency and reliability. The platform offers 99% efficiency across most loads with Eaton’s groundbreaking Energy Saver System (ESS), double-conversion efficiency of up to 97% and no less than 95% efficiency at loads down to 15 percent with the Variable Module Management System (VMMS). Eaton’s advanced 9395 platform also features inherent redundancy engineered to share the load when power capacity is below 50% to 75% for enhanced reliability.

“No matter the size of their facilities, data center managers are constantly challenged to deliver effective power management and energy efficiency in order to lower costs and reduce risk,” said Katheron Garcia, product manager, Eaton. “With these new 9395 high performance 200-600 kW/kVA UPS models, we’ve rounded out our portfolio and given customers a complete solution for addressing their power management needs as their data centers grow. Additionally, our channel partners can now drive new revenue opportunities with a platform that serves data center customers of all sizes.”

In addition to offering industry-leading efficiency, the 9395 UPS helps customers save on utility costs and space with its modular design. The platform provides up to 20% more power than traditional UPSs within the same footprint, as well as the ability to increase power capacity at any time by simply adding one additional 300 kW power module to the existing UPS. With its parallel capabilities, users can also connect multiple UPSs electrically and mechanically to form an enhanced power management system for increased capacity and redundancy.

Producing 33% less heat without sacrificing reliability, Eaton’s 9395 high performance UPS increases efficiency while significantly reducing heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other operational costs. The 9395 also features a sleek, innovative touchscreen that displays graphical energy data to help facility operators manage power consumption and costs more effectively.

Users can also enjoy the benefits of 24/7 remote monitoring, courtesy of Eaton’s new PredictPulse™ remote monitoring service. PredictPulse collects and analyzes data from the UPS and communicates it to Eaton’s monitoring center every 15 minutes. If technicians notice something amiss, they alert the user and expedite on-site emergency repairs. Device status information and alarms also appear in the user’s secure online dashboard and mobile application.