Schneider Electric has announced the U.S. availability of Premset™, the company’s range of innovative shielded solid insulated medium voltage (MV) switchgear for power distribution management.

Introducing shielded solid insulated switchgear, Premset is the first global product to use solid and shielded insulation. The earth shielded system offers unprecedented safety, efficiency and ease of use. The main circuit components are insulated by a layer of solid material covered by an external conductive coating with ground potential. There is no electric field in the ambient air, because live conductors and the ground is confined within the switchgear enclosure.

“Premset is a breakthrough innovation that combines the Schneider Electric expertise in air-insulated switchgear and gas-insulated switchgear to deliver the innovation of a Shielded Solid Insulation System (SSIS) that reduces internal arcing risk for increased safety,” said Juan Macias, senior vice president-energy, Schneider Electric. “Premset represents the future of medium voltage distribution, embracing intelligent connectivity to bring a new level of efficiency to help meet the growing demand for power, especially for critical power industries in need such as data centers, utilities and healthcare.”

Built for critical industries such as data centers, industry, and health care, with embedded smart technology, Premset includes:

  • Shielded Solid Insulation System (SSIS) and screening of all live parts, ensuring unmatched safety and reliability
  • Simple, flexible, modular design makes it easy to install, upgrade and maintain, thanks to SSIS technology
  • Advanced protection, control and monitoring technology is fully integrated for higher reliability and energy efficiency

Premset enables simplified network upgrades, with the ability to leverage the same accessories and monitoring devices across the entire range. The “plug and play” design allows for on-site additions that do not require special training, tools or adjustments. Designed with standardized dimensions, a reduced footprint and simple front accessible power connections, Premset reduces installation time and cost, and when available Schneider Electric services are utilized, can minimize future downtime delays. Additionally, through advanced monitoring and control, Premset switchgear helps ensure the network is at its peak performance, enabling:

  • Automated Redundancy (Auto Source Transfer) with pre-engineered, easily applied solutions
  • Load management with integrated, smart metering
  • Asset management with advanced switchgear and transformer monitoring
  • VIP self-powered protection and communication relay for higher MV network availability

In addition to standard electrical, mechanical and visual equipment inspections, Schneider Electric also offers optional start up and commissioning services for all Presmet purchases, to ensure equipment and components are functioning properly. This service includes:

  • Confirmation the system has been installed properly and the equipment is operating as specified
  • Gathering and evaluation of initial operational data to check insulation, current path, functionality, and sequencing to minimize future downtime and expenditures
  • Verification of correct operation of interfaces between new and existing equipment

Beyond the standard 18-month warranty on all equipment, Schneider Electric Services also provides a one-year extended warranty for all commissioned Premset devices at no additional cost.