GE’s Critical Power business has introduced a new TLE Series CE UPS product line for low- to mid-power applications. The new TLE Series CE units combine high reliability, efficiency and power to offer a blend of smart software, diagnostics and real-time, multimode energy savings.

The TLE Series CE UPS systems are available in two different configurations — a single 30- or 40-kilowatt (kW) power enclosure with space for batteries underneath and a scalable enclosure that can house up to three 40-kW power blocks — providing customers with the right solution for their individual application. The scalable UPS configuration is well suited for stand-alone industrial facilities, retail businesses and hospitals, but also can be used in data center applications. These additions to the TLE Series UPS family offer cost-effective power protection while providing up to 10% to 20% more real power than similar solutions.

While the TLE Series CE UPS platform is targeted towards any segment or application where critical power is needed, most applications will be in information technology, industrial, health care, retail and commercial settings where reliable, efficient backup power is a necessity.

Key benefits of the new TLE Series CE UPS system include its scalability and its improved life cycle. With the UPS system, operators are able to scale up in 20- or 40-kW steps — from 40 to 120 kW — to meet their future growth needs. By enabling individual consumable components to be replaced as needed, the TLE Series CE UPS features an expected product life of more than 10 years. By comparison, other modular solutions available today typically offer a five- to six-year power block life that requires customers to replace and dispose of entire blocks rather than service the power units.

Furthermore, the TLE Series CE systems offer simplified installations and can be installed against side and rear walls because they require only front access — unlike other UPS solutions that require rear access for ventilation or maintenance. In addition, the latest TLE Series CE UPS systems also feature a new touch-screen color display, simplifying operation and maintenance.

The small footprint and desirable power density of the TLE Series CE UPS make it well suited for both new construction and retrofit applications where space optimization is a priority, such as mission-critical facilities like data centers, health care facilities and financial institutions.

The TLE Series CE UPS also is fully integrated with iUPSGuard, GE’s remote monitoring solution for UPS systems. iUPSGuard provides detailed information over the Web about UPS operations, including configuration, internal alarms and operating conditions. With iUPSGuard, GE can notify users of potential problems and remedy them before they become critical issues, helping to protect its customer’s investments.