Nlyte Software has announced the release of its new Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) module. Offered as part of the company’s leading Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution, the purpose-built module simplifies the mandated process for federal agencies to report and validate their data center optimization process.

The recent Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) from the U.S. Federal Office of Management and Budget mandates that all federal government facilities begin making progress towards specific optimization targets for energy utilization, energy monitoring, virtualization usage, server and facility utilization. Nlyte’s new DCOI module is a seamless fit as the company’s DCIM Solution is already being deployed or used at U.S. Federal agencies across Civilian, Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies to help improve data center efficiencies.

The DCOI add-on module delivers enriched reporting and dashboard capabilities that allow federal agencies to compare current data center performance to DCOI objectives. Additionally, the DCOI module provides:

  • The ability to establish goal and target date configuration within charts, to help facility managers understand where mandates and objectives are being achieved.
  • Multivariate analysis to establish a regression line for predictive “realization date” as to when the federal agency should ultimately be in compliance with the specific focus areas.
  • New micro-permissions capabilities grant individuals specific and detailed dashboard access as necessary — throughout any part of the data center complex or across an entire global portfolio.

According to a 451 Research report titled, “US federal government mandates DCIM,” 451 Research estimates approximately 30 agencies have deployed a DCIM solution to date. Nlyte counts 15 of those agencies as deploying or actively using their solution within Civilian, DoD and Intelligence agencies.

“The DCOI mandate has significantly increased the number of federal agencies looking to deploy a DCIM solution to help optimize their data centers,” said Doug Sabella, president and CEO of Nlyte Software. “Nlyte’s dedicated DCOI module will make it significantly easier for these agencies to increase the efficiency of their data centers, prove they are making progress towards the initiative’s objectives and view how their facilities are progressing towards meeting those goals.”

The new DCOI add-on module continues to bolster Nlyte’s goal of helping organizations optimize their data centers and consolidate their hardware footprint. Unlike some of Nlyte’s competitors that make a vast majority of their revenue selling equipment, Nlyte has no hardware agenda and the Federal DCOI objectives of efficiency harmonizes well with the company’s values.

The Nlyte DCOI Module will be available for purchase during calendar year Q2 2016.