Capitol Power Group (CPG) has announced the appointment of intelligence community-veteran Jay Sochrin as director of government sales for CPG Government Services. Sochrin’s appointment reinforces CPG’s position as one of the premier providers of highly specialized intelligence community data center (IC) solutions. Sochrin reports directly to CPG managing partner Anthony Rizzo.

“Managing any mission-critical facility is a tough job,” said Rizzo. “But managing a critical facility for the intelligence community can be particularly daunting. These individuals are responsible for meeting exponentially increasing Big Data challenges, truly mission-critical uptime requirements, and the most stringent security concerns in the world. And they have to do it all while meeting directives to consolidate operations and reduce costs. Supporting the IC community’s data center and facilities managers requires specialized expertise and insight few services firms can offer.

“This is what our firm is known for, and what makes Jay such a powerful addition to the CPG Government Services team,” Rizzo concluded.

Sochrin brings CPG customers a wealth of experience meeting the unique challenges confronting IC critical facilities managers. With more than 34 years’ experience within the Intelligence community, Sochrin has served in program manager and agency senior program budget positions for numerous highly critical infrastructure projects. In addition, Sochrin served as the National Security Agency Representative to the Intelligence Community Facility Working Group, which makes recommendations to key decision leaders. He is DAWIA Level 3 Certified in Program Management.