Eaton has announced the U.S. launch of its PredictPulse™ service, a next-generation remote monitoring and management system that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices to help reduce the risk of downtime. Based on extensive customer research and its eNotify monitoring service expertise, Eaton’s latest 24/7 remote monitoring solution allows information technology (IT) and data center managers to view real-time power diagnostics from a secure online dashboard and mobile application. At the same time, Eaton remotely diagnoses and expedites on-site emergency repairs using a smart dispatch process.

“Our customers asked us to make their jobs easier, so we built an advanced service offering to do just that. Designed to reinvent remote monitoring with enhanced capabilities, the PredictPulse solution is easy to install and use, and is designed to provide access to real-time status information and increase reliability while reducing risk,” said Doug Schuster, senior vice president, general manager, Eaton. “Building on 35 years of remote monitoring expertise, the PredictPulse service platform brings end users an intuitive, next-generation solution that arms them with the insights they need to maintain uptime.”

In today’s data-driven world, power disruptions can be costly, UPS and infrastructure equipment is complex, and fast resolutions to critical events are required. Eaton’s PredictPulse is designed to present real-time information via an online dashboard so operators can understand exactly what is happening with their power infrastructure and respond quickly to events. The PredictPulse service also connects customers with Eaton monitoring experts who can decipher complex, cryptic alarms and recommend appropriate action to resolve them. By combining more advanced sensor and alarm data to remotely diagnose events and expedite repair processes, Eaton’s PredictPulse service can give operators peace of mind and bring faster resolutions to critical power events.                                                                            

Eaton’s PredictPulse service is powered by leading software company CA Technologies, leveraging its best-in-class Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) software and alarm management expertise. The PredictPulse service uses industry standard security, reliable connectivity and the user’s email server for direct outgoing communications to mitigate risk and maximize performance. 

“Unlike traditional Data Center Infrastructure Management implementations, Eaton chose to keep things simple by deploying a cloud-based, or Software-as-a-Service, solution with the PredictPulse platform,” said Arthur Mulligan, product line manager, Eaton. ”We’re leveraging a best-in-breed application from leading software partner CA Technologies and making the installation process so simple that most customers can self-install it in a matter of minutes. No software is required at the customer site, and the power devices transmit alarms and health data to the cloud using email SMTP to avoid security risks.”

Enhancing existing power monitoring tools and resources, the PredictPulse service allows Eaton experts to monitor devices remotely so end users can focus on their own business and IT priorities. Users can view real-time device details, alarms, key performance metrics, service history and contact information from their online dashboard to remain up-to-speed on the status of their power infrastructure and any trends that develop. The service’s mobile app also shows alarm status, saving valuable time during a critical event where they may be away from their dashboard.

The PredictPulse service is easy to self-install using standard Eaton connectivity cards and can be customized to meet specific end user needs, including changing or deleting devices, adjusting coworker access and setting escalation preferences. Operators also receive monthly email reports that summarize the past 30 days of status, performance, alarms, upcoming maintenance and personalized energy savings summaries — similar to having an Eaton technician on standby to provide ongoing preventive maintenance inspections.